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How This System Works?

We have customized Firefox browser, we provide proxy user name and passwords to all members, you need to download portable browser and login with proxy id / password. After connecting with proxy it will ask you to enter your SEO GroupBuy id / password.
Once you enter ID / Password you will be able to access tools.

How Many Accounts We Are Offering?

There are two types of accounts Primary accounts are actually those accounts which we are offering and advertising on our website and everywhere else, list of those accounts are:

  • SEO Standard
  • Article Builder
  • GraphicStock
  • Moz
  • Alexa
  • Register Compass
  • Majestic
  • KeywordTool (Pro)
  • Linklicious
  • Spin Rewriter
  • Grammarly
  • Terapeak
  • BuzzSumo
  • Junglescout
  • Powtoon Business
  • SEMCompass
  • SpyFy

These are over 20 Accounts which we are offering only for $27 per month, even we are promoting 20+ accounts on our website but in-fact currently we are offering 30+ accounts but we cannot provide any guarantee of tools that will work or not.

Did You Provide Individual Account for Each User?

Actually its a GroupBuy means we buy accounts collectively and share it among all users, we cannot provide individual login to each user all users shares those tools.

Do you offer services for MAC?

Directly we do not offer services for MAC however we are providing remote desktop service to our users for free. MAC users can use tools on Remote Desktop without any issue.

Can I Use Accounts on Office & Home?

Yes you can use accounts anywhere you want, but do not share accounts with anyone, we have automated reporting system if we detect sharing violation we might ban account.

Do I Need To Download For Each Tool?

No, You only need to download our custom developed browser tool to use all our tools. Even we change account passwords or proxy login details you do not need to re-download anything.

Do You Offer Refund?

No we do not offer any refund. Do not purchase service if you are not aware about groupbuy or how groupbuy works. If you want 100% stable service just purchase tools directly. Groupbuy has its own problems no one can provide 100% stable service and thats the reason you are using tools that worth over $5000 only for $27. So if you have doubt or plan to open dispute if service have issues do not purchase subscription. Dont take risks with your valuable money.

Tool Not Working can I get Refund?

No, please do not purchase subscription if you want only specific tool, we are providing all in one service for $27 only. We are paying over $5000 to tool providers, then purchasing proxies for each user and then remote desktop service etc. Therefore its take it or leave it deal. Do not purchase if you only need one tool and if it wont work you will need refund.

Can I Join back after claiming refund?

No we have zero tolerance policy on that. If you claimed refund or filed dispute it means you have closed all doors and you wont be able to join our website ever again.

What is RDP

Recently we have launched a windows based Remote Desktop service for our users. Now they will get free remote desktop ID they can use for any purpose. Even we have installed all SEO tools on Remote Desktop so they can enjoy our services via Remote Desktop.  MAC users can also use our service via remote desktop as our developed seo tool is not supported on MAC directly.

What is Proxy

To avoid sharing violation for all accounts we use 1 IP address so all members first connect to our proxy server and then they use tools for letting the account same and not getting banned. We have a dedicated port of 1Gbps so you dont need to worry about speed and you can use all tools without any problem

Did You Provide Accounts Passwords?

No, We do not provide account user names and passwords, we provides a custom developed SEO tool that automatically logins to SEO accounts.

Is Group Buying Legal?

Even all accounts are purchased legally however most providers do not want their services to be shared between multiple users, however they usually limits accounts by different kind of limits and we are bound to use the accounts under their provided limits so there isn’t anything wrong or you can say its a gray hat method.

Is My Campaign Can Be Seen By Other Members?

Each member in the group buy have his own business, no one have time to see what you are doing, however if you have secret data, so group buy is not for you, Buy dedicated accounts, we group buy accounts for limited usage with the very cheap price.

Can I Share Accounts?

We do have a referral system, you can refer your friends and earn upto 40% commissions and 20% recurring commissions. If you share your account we might bann you as we have very strict monitoring for accounts.

Do you Provide Support?

Yes we provide support via different channels

  • Support Helpdesk
  • Via Skype
  • Via Email
Do You Change Accounts?

Yes we change accounts after every few days as we cannot continue with one user name and passwords for long time therefore if you wan to run specific campaign do not buy our group buy.

Can I Use API for Tools?

No, we do not offer API access as we changes accounts very frequently.